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2018 Impact Report

Sustainability demands a triple bottom line: positive outcomes for society, the environment, and profit — People, Planet, and Prosperity. Like every business, we regularly report financial performance: the following annual report provides a more holistic view of Eco Modern Flats’ performance in 2018, adding in the measures of People and Planet. Last year, we shared lessons with community groups, brought neighbors together, and used natural resources wisely.

ECO Minute: High Performance BioBased Insulation


Cam Shafer of Natural State Insulation describes the benefits of locally-made BioBased Insulation, including comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Visit our post from mid-renovation to see behind the walls

LED Lighting is a Green Technology Demonstration Area

Next Gen Illumination, a Fayetteville company, installed outdoor LED lighting at ECO.  Not only do the lights save energy but they also serve a wider purpose of showing the broad adaptability of LED technology.

ECO Modern Flats Wins Statewide Green Building Award

ECO Modern Flats raised the bar for what people expect of a multifamily development in Northwest Arkansas…

ECO Minute: Solar Hot Water


That Arkansas sun puts out lots of energy, and we’re taking advantage of it with a solar hot water system that will supply around 75% of the demand.  Bill Ball of Stellar Sun is a veteran of the solar industry.  Here, he talks about how ECO is using the sun’s heat to keep ECO inhabitants comfortable while preserving resources. 

We’re Platinum!

We released this press release today, and we’re happy to share the news with you!

ECO Modern Flats Awarded LEED® Platinum Certification

MC3 Multifamily announced today that their newly renovated apartment complex, ECO Modern Flats, was awarded LEED® Platinum certification, the highest recognition awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council for green building and design.

ECO Modern Flats is the first multifamily development in the state to attain any level of LEED certification.  It is the first project in Washington County to qualify for the LEED Platinum standard.  The LEED Platinum certification places the project among an elite number of developments in Arkansas including the Clinton Presidential Center and Heifer International Headquarters.

Recycling During Construction and Beyond

Just a little update on our progress: At the moment, renovation of the first of four buildings is nearing completion.  We’ve replaced the drafty single-paned windows in all four buildings, and we will soon have a model unit ready to show you!  As we close in on finishing the first building, we are clearing out the interiors of the second building, overhauling the mechanical systems, and preparing to transform the interior spaces.

As a renovation, this project produces less waste than new construction, and we’re working to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible.  Through careful sorting and collection, we expect to greatly exceed the LEED guideline of recycling or reusing half of construction waste.

Not into tofu?  Get your daily dose of soybeans with innovative locally-produced insulation

The beauty of this blog is that we can show you parts of the design and construction process that the folks who live here will never see. One of those cool things is our insulation.
As part of our commitment to green building, we are insulating all the flats at ECO using a product with Northwest Arkansas roots. It’s not flashy, but the insulation that we are using to seal the exterior walls will keep ECO interiors comfortable and quiet. BioBased Insulation is a product of Fayetteville’s BioBased Technologies. With BioBased Insulation, we bumped up the insulative value at ECO to R-24. Not only does this insulation reduce the demand for heating and air conditioning, it also seals against outside noise.

Meet the Architect

Chris Baribeau of modus studio is the architect for ECO.  After studying architecture at the University of Arkansas, he worked for the acclaimed architecture firm Marlon Blackwell Architect.  In 2008, he and Josh Siebert founded modus studio.  They were joined this year by Jason Wright.  With the help of designers David McElyea, Austin Chatelain and Chris Lankford, the firm has designed environmentally sensitive projects from homes and schools to an airport terminal and an orphanage in Africa.  We asked Chris to tell us a little more about modus and the vision for ECO.

Locally Grown, Fully Loaded, Low-Emissions… Apartments

We’ve all been there. When it’s time to buy, we read up. From cars to granola bars, we study reviews and read the labels. We carefully compare quality, price, environmental impact, and the look and feel of each item before making our choice. When we search for a place to live, the tables are turned. So often, we sacrifice style for lower cost. We sacrifice quality for location. And when it comes to the environmental impact of our housing, we try not to think about it. We usually don’t have the information we need to make an informed decision, and custom-designed “green” housing usually expensive and out of reach. Finally, there is a better choice.