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Blog Category: ECO Minute Videos

ECO Minute: Rooftop Patios Maximize Liveable Space

Living bigger in compact spaces is an important element of green living.  Architect Chris Baribeau explains how creative use of existing space produced rooftop patios and balconies for outdoor living.

ECO Minute: Creating Places for Living from Forgotten Spaces

The redesign of ECO challenged designers to make the most of leftover spaces.  Architect Chris Baribeau explains how an imaginative approach created a series of new gardens and outdoor gathering spaces.

ECO Minute: Low-Tech, Modern Sustainable Design Solutions


Architect Chris Baribeau introduces two low-tech sustainable solutions in use at ECO: the steel cable trellis system and rainwater cisterns.

ECO Minute: Trail Connections for Healthy, Affordable Transportation


Matt Mihalevich, City of Fayetteville Trails Coordinator, explains the benefits of ECO’s walkable, bike-able location and provides an overview of the destinations that can be easily reached by the Frisco and Oakridge Trails as well as the development of the Razorback Greenway, a 36-mile regional trail.

ECO Minute: High Performance BioBased Insulation


Cam Shafer of Natural State Insulation describes the benefits of locally-made BioBased Insulation, including comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Visit our post from mid-renovation to see behind the walls

ECO Minute: Beautiful, Tough Landscape Plants


Now that the transformation of ECO has been completed and ECO inhabitants have lived here for a full year, we have a few more ECO minutes to share.  Here, landscape designer Stuart Fulbright shares some of his favorite native prairie grasses and other plants featured at ECO.

ECO Minute: Solar Hot Water


That Arkansas sun puts out lots of energy, and we’re taking advantage of it with a solar hot water system that will supply around 75% of the demand.  Bill Ball of Stellar Sun is a veteran of the solar industry.  Here, he talks about how ECO is using the sun’s heat to keep ECO inhabitants comfortable while preserving resources. 

ECO Minute: Water-wise Plumbing

Joe Reed of Ready Rooter Plumbing explains the water-wise plumbing innovations at ECO, including retrofit dual-flush toilets, solar-heated hot water, and low-flow fixtures.

ECO Minute: Healthy by Design

Heidi Tankersley of A Splash of Green describes healthy living at ECO.  From the choice of paints and finishes and air filtration systems to the proximity to Fayetteville’s multipurpose trail system, ECO provides a setting that encourages wellness. 

ECO Minute: Infill Development and Adaptive Reuse

In this ECO Minute, sustainability expert and neighborhood advocate Mikel Lolley introduces the virtues of infill development and adaptive reuse. A longtime neighborhood resident, Mikel talks about the advantages of this walkable neighborhood. Mikel also talks about how ECO is an example of utilizing “embedded human energy,” to minimize the project’s footprint and conserve vintage structures.