Spring 2011 Construction Progress

We haven’t updated you in a while, but we’ve been making lots of progress.  The first few months of 2011 have thrown us some challenges, with record-breaking snowfall, hail, and flooding.  Through all those challenges, work continues!  Of our four buildings, the first—ECO1—is almost fully occupied.  Renovation is in full swing on the second, and we are starting work on the third.

We’ve started demolition work on the third building, removing old carpeting and walls in preparation for renovation.  Some of the most intensive and almost invisible work happens in the chase, a long, narrow, three-story tall hallway running the length of the building.  We remove old water heaters and pipes associated with the old boiler heating system—these will be recycled.  Then we install tanks for solar hot water and a metal scaffold system to allow safe maintenance access.  All of this invisible work makes it possible for the buildings to be highly efficient and comfortable.
Work on the landscape has been going, too, replacing eroding slopes with more stable, attractive, and useful solutions.  Behind ECO 1 and ECO 2, we have installed rock gabions.  These structures, shown in the photo at the top of this post, are essentially wire basket forms that are then filled with rock.  This structure has a modern profile, and it allows water to flow through, but retains soil.  We’re in the process of installing super efficient LED lighting within the gabions to illuminate sidewalks. (We’re really excited about our partnership with a local company to install LED lighting—more about that project soon!)
On the courtyard side of ECO 1 and ECO 2, we have replaced crumbling old railroad ties with contoured retaining walls (shown in the second photo).  Not only do these walls prevent erosion, they carve out cool patio areas for first floor inhabitants.  The patio floors will be lined with functional and decorative permeable grit.
The stars of our rainwater harvesting system, two cisterns, are in place, and we are working to finetune connections so that they capture stormwater most effectively.
Modus Shop is installing wooden exterior screen panels, which will create private patio areas on the first floor and lend privacy to upper story flats.  The metal-framed wooden screens will also update the existing metal railings on upper stories.
The past few weeks, we’ve been doing the final engineering for the metal balconies, stairs and rooftop terraces.  Razorback Ironworks is already at work fabricating the stairs and balconies.  We can hardly wait—these balconies will provide incredible views!
Coming soon:  Pool renovation, office and poolhouse renovation with green roof, and landscaping!