ECO Inhabitants: Amanda Smith

The second installment in our Inhabitants series is Amanda Smith, a textile designer who loves ECO for its modern lines and commitment to sustainability.

How long have you lived at ECO? One year and 2 months

What made you choose ECO? I was familiar with the project because my brother in law is a partner at Modus Studio, the architecture firm that designed Eco. As soon as my previous living situation came to an end, I knew Eco would be the only apartment I would consider living in. Being in the design field and having an overall love and appreciation for a contemporary aesthetic, it was a no-brainer.

What’s your favorite thing about living at ECO?
My private roof deck and the pool. I love them equally, I can’t choose!

What would you tell someone who’s considering moving to Eco Modern Flats?
If you want to keep it simple, Eco is your place.

Has ECO influenced your knowledge of sustainability?  How has it changed the way you live?
I was pretty knowledgeable about sustainability before I moved into Eco- that’s one of the reasons I chose to live here. I also love the recycling program. I make sure something isn’t recyclable before I throw it in the regular garbage, because we’re able to recycle most materials here.