Locally Grown, Fully Loaded, Low-Emissions… Apartments

We’ve all been there. When it’s time to buy, we read up. From cars to granola bars, we study reviews and read the labels. We carefully compare quality, price, environmental impact, and the look and feel of each item before making our choice. When we search for a place to live, the tables are turned. So often, we sacrifice style for lower cost. We sacrifice quality for location. And when it comes to the environmental impact of our housing, we try not to think about it. We usually don’t have the information we need to make an informed decision, and custom-designed “green” housing usually expensive and out of reach. Finally, there is a better choice.

Introducing ECO Modern Flats, now under development and on track to be the first multi-family development in Arkansas with LEED certification. LEED certification means that environmental impact is taken into account in design, construction, and maintenance practices. ECO Modern Flats are beautiful modern apartments in the heart of Fayetteville offering location, style, amenities, and a light environmental footprint—all at an attainable price!

We’ve started this site to share the innovative technologies and practices that make ECO Modern Flats an earth-friendly, eye-pleasing, and healthy place to live. In future posts, we’ll share our progress, tell you about our neighborhood, and report energy savings and other metrics.

Please join in the conversation and follow our progress. Read our label, look under the hood, and check our stats—we know you’ll like what you see!