LED Lighting is a Green Technology Demonstration Area

Next Gen Illumination, a Fayetteville company, installed outdoor LED lighting at ECO.  Not only do the lights save energy but they also serve a wider purpose of showing the broad adaptability of LED technology.

Arkansas Energy Office has awarded Green Technology Grants to establish demonstration projects to show the suitability of LED Lighting in various settings and to show good performance and energy savings.

“LED lighting is unfamiliar to many people, but the longevity of the fixtures and the quality of the light is far superior to conventional lighting.” said Jeff Beaver, Next Gen Vice President of Research and Development.  “The Arkansas Energy Office Green Technology Grant allowed us to create demonstration projects like the one at ECO to show the great performance, as well as long term economic and energy savings of LED technology.”

ECO is one of several high-efficiency LED lighting demonstration sites in Arkansas. The goal is to demonstrate the ability of solid state lighting to not only reduce energy but to do so without sacrificing quality of environment. According to the Arkansas Energy Office, energy demand reduction is vital to the adoption of emerging energy efficiency measures. However, concerns over the ability of a different type of light can slow down the adoption process. The technology acceleration and demonstration program set as its goal to reduce energy and generate added value to the participants, either by improvement of space and/or reducing operating expenses. We hope that ECO will inspire others to save energy with LED lighting.

LED lighting is one of many energy efficiency measures at ECO.  Now that we’ve been open for a year, we are analyzing our energy and water use.  Look for more energy-saving updates soon!

Photo by Timothy Hursley

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