ECO Inhabitants: Molly Meredith

Who better to tell the story of living at ECO than the people who live here?  Kicking off our new series is Molly Meredith, who has lived here from the start.  Molly is a Certified Laser Technician & Licensed Aesthetician.  She lives at ECO with her canine companions, Mackenzie Jo, a short haired Chihuahua and Taber, a long haired Chihuahua.

How long have you lived here?
Two and a half years

What made you choose ECO?
It was the whole package: the LEED certification, community garden, outdoor space, salt water pool. I toured a model flat on Valentines day 2011 and fell in love- the functional design of a small space, the minimalist Scandinavian-style aesthetic.

What’s your favorite thing about living at here?
The community garden. I’m an avid cook & wannabe gardener, so it’s perfect. I utilize the garden pretty much year round. My outdoor space, especially the rooftop, is a close second.

What would you tell someone who’s considering moving to Eco Modern Flats?
The on site recycling is an awesome feature, not easy to come by when renting. And we literally have a gardener. And beautiful landscaping. The aesthetic alone is enticing enough, but the sustainable practices are so attractive. And I personally love the “all-inclusive” price - my bills never fluctuate, I always know what I’m going to pay each month, which is really fantastic from a budgeting standpoint.

Has ECO influenced your knowledge of sustainability?  How has it changed the way you live?
I was aware of, and tried to practice sustainable living as much as possible in my house prior to moving to Eco. So I would say that Eco was more of a welcome push to live more simply. The small, yet open, space forced a downsize of my belongings. In a studio, you can pretty much see everything you have, so I only keep things that I really love or use. Having a garden and living walking distance of the farmers market allows me to eat seasonally and locally, almost year round, which is very important to me. When the weather is nice, I walk everywhere- the bank, post office, restaurants, so I rarely pay for parking and save money on gas.