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Blog Category: Project team

Meet our Green Lifestyle Consultant

Heidi Tankersley of A Splash of Green is the green lifestyle consultant for ECO Modern Flats.  With her expertise in non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, she has guided the selection of materials used for finishing the interior spaces of the flats.  We asked Heidi to tell us a little more about her company, her method for choosing materials for ECO, and keeping a healthier home.

Meet the Architect

Chris Baribeau of modus studio is the architect for ECO.  After studying architecture at the University of Arkansas, he worked for the acclaimed architecture firm Marlon Blackwell Architect.  In 2008, he and Josh Siebert founded modus studio.  They were joined this year by Jason Wright.  With the help of designers David McElyea, Austin Chatelain and Chris Lankford, the firm has designed environmentally sensitive projects from homes and schools to an airport terminal and an orphanage in Africa.  We asked Chris to tell us a little more about modus and the vision for ECO.