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Green Things Come in Small Packages

While work continues on ECO Modern Flats, the architects and builders are taking some time to create a playhouse for charity. Modus Studio has designed the ECO Fort, now under construction by the able hands of ECO’s contractors, The H7 Group and Town Builders.  The ECO Fort will be auctioned in April to benefit CASA of Northwest Arkansas , an organization that provides trained volunteer advocates to abused and neglected children in our community.

ECO Minute: Space-Saving Transformer in Action

Introducing the ECO Minute, a series of bite-sized videos that show off the green design features of ECO Modern Flats! In this installment, Architect Chris Baribeau of Modus Studio demonstrates the integrated media station as it transforms from entertainment center to library wall in seconds.  This innovative room divider, affectionately known as the Transformer, is one of the space-saving solutions that makes a one-bedroom flat live large.

Our Green Neighborhood

Fayetteville is becoming known as the Green Valley, and our neighborhood is leading the way—ECO is surrounded by LEED-certified buildings, eco-friendly residences, green restaurants and small businesses.  Here are some of our favorites…

Meet the Architect

Chris Baribeau of modus studio is the architect for ECO.  After studying architecture at the University of Arkansas, he worked for the acclaimed architecture firm Marlon Blackwell Architect.  In 2008, he and Josh Siebert founded modus studio.  They were joined this year by Jason Wright.  With the help of designers David McElyea, Austin Chatelain and Chris Lankford, the firm has designed environmentally sensitive projects from homes and schools to an airport terminal and an orphanage in Africa.  We asked Chris to tell us a little more about modus and the vision for ECO.

Locally Grown, Fully Loaded, Low-Emissions… Apartments

We’ve all been there. When it’s time to buy, we read up. From cars to granola bars, we study reviews and read the labels. We carefully compare quality, price, environmental impact, and the look and feel of each item before making our choice. When we search for a place to live, the tables are turned. So often, we sacrifice style for lower cost. We sacrifice quality for location. And when it comes to the environmental impact of our housing, we try not to think about it. We usually don’t have the information we need to make an informed decision, and custom-designed “green” housing usually expensive and out of reach. Finally, there is a better choice.