Water-Wise Design

We are here.  In the West Fork watershed of the White River.  We know that every drop of rain that falls at ECO is headed down Town Branch, through the West Fork, and on down the White River to Beaver Lake.  The Beaver Lake Watershed is a rich habitat for many creatures and the source of our drinking water.  We’re doing our best to be good stewards of our watershed and to conserve water at ECO.  Here are some of the water-wise features of our (re)development:

SUSTAINABLE SITE Because ECO is a thoughtfully rehabilitated project and not new construction, it does not contribute to urban sprawl.  In fact, when construction is complete, the complex will produce less runoff than it did when it was first built.  Our design maximizes open, public spaces and minimizes additional building footprint areas as much as possible.

RAINWATER RECLAIMED Each building will be equipped with a rainwater collection system to route rainwater to cisterns for storage.  This water will be used by the landscape irrigation system and in the community garden.  A green roof on the office/poolhouse will add beauty, enhance insulation, and reduce runoff.

WATER-WISE LANDSCAPE Our crew has removed non-native and invasive plants from the ECO grounds, and next spring we will plant native and drought-tolerant species to provide a welcoming environment for people, birds, and butterflies.  As they grow, the plantings will be irrigated with efficient drip and bubbler irrigation systems, along with weather-based controllers to minimize water usage.  After the new plants are established, the landscape will rarely need irrigation.

LET IT ALL SOAK IN Where new paved walkways are necessary, permeable alternatives like grit and grid pavers will allow rainwater to soak in rather than run off.  The west entry courtyard will feature a wide boardwalk over a rain garden designed by Stuart Fulbright.  Rain gardens are specially designed to retain stormwater and prevent runoff and erosion.  This garden will be planted with native grasses and wildflowers to add color and texture year-round.

DON’T BE A DRIP Each flat is equipped with a dual-flush toilet, which can save thousands of gallons of water each year.  Combined with low-flow, luxurious shower heads and faucets, water consumption will be cut significantly as compared to conventional plumbing fixtures.  Watch our plumber, Joe (yes, Joe the plumber!) as he demonstrates dual-flush technology.